19th June is a mysterious recurring date featured in all episodes of DHMIS. It appears in cryptic ways throughout the series, as seen in the pictures below. It is allegedly the date where the puppets were kidnapped. 

Caption showing the date 19th June 55 (Not known if it is set for 2055, 1955 or an older date)

List of appearances Edit

DHMIS 1 Edit

  • The calendar at the beginning of the video.

DHMIS 2 Edit

  • The calendar at the beginning of the video.
  • The caption of the framed photo that Tony refers to as "the past" is captioned with 19-06-55.
  • The reward on the wanted poster shown behind the lady at 1:20 is £1906.
  • The calendar on the wall to the left at 2:04.
  • The calendar above The Red Guy's bed.
  • At 2:40, the chart which Bird Guy uses shows pi as 19.6(y).

DHMIS 3 Edit

  • The missing poster at the beginning of the video.
  • At 4:09, the tombstones of Mr. and Mrs. Dead show that they died in 1906.

DHMIS 4 Edit

  • The calendar at the beginning of the video.
  • Roy's number includes 1906 on the board.
  • The newspaper in the top left corner at 0:09 is dated June 19th.
  • The number chart at 1:23 shows the numbers 19, 6, and 55 in succession.
  • The time that Colin shows at 1:28 is 19:06.
  • A calendar floating in the background at 2:36.
  • A calendar that is clearly visible on the wall after the Red Guy discovers reality.

DHMIS 5 Edit

  • The calendar at the start of the video, also depicted on the picture on the refrigerator.
  • The exact same number chart from DHMIS 4 is on the fridge at the beginning of the video.
  • At about 4:02, Roy's phone number is show with 1906 inside it.
  • The back of a can at 5:19 is briefly shown, revealing the expiration date of 19/06.

DHMIS 6 Edit

  • The calendar close to the Yellow Guy's bed.
  • A calendar on the wall at 0:57.
  • A calendar on the wall at 1:06.
  • Towards the end of the video, the calendar flips to June 20th.

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