It All Returns To Nothing

Steak guy is a Giant talking Steak that first appeared in Episode 5 where him, Spinach guy, fridge guy, and bread guy taught about healthy eating. He later appeared in episode 6 when Red guy was messing with the machine that controls the teachers.


Steak guy is a giant Steak with white gloves, red shoes, and a tuft of brown hair with a bone sticking out of his head. His eyes are lopsided and his mouth is off to the side of his face.


  • He is a full-body suit, like the Red Guy.
  • His fan name is David, But is not confirmed if it is real or false.
  • He calls the Healthy Foods, Unhealthy.
  • He Calls Cooked meats a "Fancy show-offy food" Besides Himself being a Steak
  • He can tap dance