Steak Guy

The Steak Guy is a teacher/main antagonist who first appeared in DHMIS 5 along with the Spinach Can. They taught the main characters how to eat healthy food, even though they were actually the Non-healthy foods. He was also one of the characters responsible for eating Duck Guy, by scaring him. He also made a cameo appearance in DHMIS 6, But he and the Spinach Can were separate. He seems to show little interest for what anyone has to say and the only thing that ever stops him is the telephone. An example of this is towards the start of the episode where he pokes Duck Guy with a fork, and continues to sing and poke him with it even after Duck Guy flinched and told him to back off.


He is a steak with white gloves, a big fork/prong, a Bone Protruding out of his head, big red shoes, and brown hair.


  • He is a full-body suit, like the Red Guy.
  • His fan name is David, But is not confirmed if it is real or false.
  • He calls the Healthy Foods, Unhealthy.
  • He Calls Cooked meats a "Fancy show-offy food" Besides Himself being a Steak

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