Steak Guy

The Steak Guy is a teacher/main antagonist who first appeared in DHMIS 5 along with the Spinach Can. They taught the main characters how to eat healthy food, even though they were actually the Non-healthy foods. He was also one of the characters responsible for eating Duck Guy, by scaring him. He also made a cameo appearance in DHMIS 6, But he and the Spinach Can were separate. He gets impatient during the events of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5. 


He is a steak with white gloves, a big fork/prong, a Bone Protruding out of his head, big red shoes, and brown hair.


  • He is a full-body suit, like the Red Guy.
  • His fan name is David, But is not confirmed if it is real or false.
  • He calls the Healthy Foods, Unhealthy.
  • He Calls Cooked meats a "Fancy show-offy food" Besides Himself being a Steak

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