Boring meter

The "boring meter" as shown in a short teaser video on Becky and Joe's Facebook and Kickstarter pages.

The Boring Meter is an unused prop from the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series. It appeared in a teaser from social media. Some of the machine from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 has a similar design to this one but it is not the same.

He resembles a grey arcade game-like machine with three screens containing images of the puppets' faces, and a blue "screen" with three words saying "boring" on it, making a meter. He has two googly eyes over this meter. He has two hands, one with which he uses to wind himself, while the other is drooped to one side. He has a big mouth with a graph pouring out of it which has the three colours: red, green and yellow, which is the same main colours as the puppet's.   

Trivia Edit

  • When looked at closely, the Boring Meter's face resembles that of Tony the Talking Clock's, but this is most likely due to Becky and Joe's cartoon- like style, and not continuity. Machine in DHMIS 6 actually features Tony-like clock.
  • There were many rumours and theories circulating this character, but the main speculation was that since he is a so- called "boring meter", the episode may have been about doing fun things, and the meter deciding which was the most fun for the puppets.

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