The Lamp is a character from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6. He is the main "teacher" from the episode, even though he only gets little screen time. His lesson is based on "Dreams". His idea of "Dreaming" seems to be rather demented, though he acts as if this is perfectly normal. His disfunctionality that separates him from the other teachers has sprouted quite a few theories, however, no theory has been proven true. Creator Becky Sloan has stated that all theories are correct. This most likely means that a part of every theory connects to the big picture.


Quotes Edit

"Oh, somebody's sleepy, but that's silly!"

"How can you be sleepy if you don't know how to have dreams?"

"Dreams are a movies that live in your head every night when you sleep in your bed'"

"You can have a dream about riding a horse!"

"You can have a dream about drowning in oil!"

"You can have a dream about eating a treat!"

"You can have a dream about buying a hat!"

"You can have a dream about losing your friends!"

"You can have a dream about burning your friends!"


The Lamp and Yellow Guy


  • When interacting with The Lamp, Yellow Guy doesn't want to be a part of the song. Later screaming "NO MORE SONGS!" after the lamp finishes the 4th line of her song. 
  • He is referred to as Leonard by some fans. The name originated by a kid named Benjamin Hoffman aka Psychoscorpio.
  • The Lamp was being worked on way back when DHMIS 4 was released.
  • The Lamp is one of the only objects that is not designed as a direct reference to what they're teaching (Tony is a clock and teaches about time, Colin is a computer and teaches about technology). The Notepad is one of the other ones, being designed as a Notepad when they teach about creativity in general.
  • Fans of the Lamp compare him to an alcoholic, the reason being because he appears to look like he is constantly drunk.
  • He was the Don't Worry puppet that appeared in the DHMIS 6 teaser that Becky posted on Instagram.                                                                                                                                                                         
  • He looks similar to Tony, since he has red shoes, and a blue body, and the same white gloves Tony has
  • He seems to be portrayed as quite rude as he tries to rush right in killing Yellow Guy. He also ignores all of his attempts to stop the 'lesson'.
  • Fans have speculated that the Lamp's lesson is entirely unplanned as by the end of his song, he seems frantic to think of other things to say about dreams. He even repeats the same line except changing 'losing' to 'burning'.

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